Te Araroa Expenses and Other Stats

The heat and humidity in Bali made our bodies sluggish and our brains jelly. But now, after more than a week, we found the energy to summarise our Te Araroa expenses and other stats 😉

Te Araroa Expenses

To start off with: The costs on the Te Araroa in New Zealand are individual. They depend on the budget, the desired comfort, the duration of the hike, food preferences, etc. The expenses on the Te Araroa can’t be compared to the expenses on long distance hikes in other countries, because food and accommodation naturally don’t cost the same. And the costs very much vary depending on how often you are in „civilisation“.

Our Budget for the Te Araroa

We’ve travelled with the same budget for two years (CHF 30 per day per person) and tried to also stick to that same budget on the Te Araroa in New Zealand. For instance, we rarely ate meat or fish (“Flexitarians”), bought little alcohol and often cooked on Zero Days (rest day) too, instead of going out to a restaurant. We made an effort to lodge cheaply. However, on Zero Days we mostly allowed ourselves a bed, be it in a dorm, a double room or a cabin.


The four weeks we spent in Petone close to Wellington because of Philippe’s stress fracture (more about this time here) are not included in these expenses. Also not included are the flights to and from New Zealand as well as the costs for the storage of our excess travel gear. Even with these costs though, we were within our budget, but we wanted to show, how much the Te Araroa could cost you in general.

Te Araroa Expenses

Te Araroa Expenses

* Food
On the South Island our hunger grew bigger than on the North Island. So we ate more, which naturally increased our expenses… If you want to learn more about the food we bought and more importantly ate, read our article “What to Buy and Eat on the Te Araroa”.
Furthermore, we sent five parcels containing food from Wellington to the South Island. Read more about that in our Route Overview.

Other stats from the Te Araroa

During our hike we kept a record of diverse things. Here are the stats of our 114 days on the Te Araroa.

Te Araroa Stats

Te Araroa Stats

Read our conclusion about the Te Araroa or, if you want to know more about the food we bought and ate in New Zealand, check out this article. Furthermore we plan a FAQ. So if you’ve got any questions about this post or the Te Araroa in general, please write a comment or an email to contact[at]gustofrenzy.com.

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  • Linda says:

    This is super helpful, thanks guys. I particularly like your random stats. In the very very early days of dreaming about my own hike!

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