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Hi there

We – Nadine & Philippe – are a Swiss couple and started this blog because of our two years lasting travels between April 2014 and April 2016. The writing was the ideal medium to record and digest our experiences, insights and thoughts.

Throughout this trip the travel blog developed beyond the scope of travel. Over time walking became an important part of our trip and therefore was a frequent topic of blog posts. During the 3’000km long-distance hike on the Te Araroa in New Zealand we even traveled just by foot. Hiking continues to be an important part in our life – even after 3,000 km 😉 – and has its place on the blog.

Through our travels we have learned to live a simpler life. We have learned that we don’t need much to live a fulfilled life. We have learned to focus on the important things in life.We have learned to be happy with less. LESS IS MORE! This lifestyle we want to maintain after our trip and write about this topic on the blog.

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This blog serves us as a vessel in which we can hold our current interests and thoughts.


We started this blog writing in German. For the hike on the Te Araroa in New Zealand we additionally wrote the hiking journals in English. We want to keep it this way because it is a good practice to remain in the language. But we go one step further and will no longer regularly write in German. The old posts remain on the blog though.

Travel History 2014 – 2016

In Europe (6 months), we travelled mostly in the Scandinavian countries. We hitched and hiked a lot and stayed in a tent or at locals’ homes via couchsurfing.org.

In Southeast Asia (4 months) we followed more or less the so-called Banana Pancake Trail through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Southeast Asia surprised us with its exotic natural wonders and fascinating cultures.

In Australia (8 months), we returned to our “roots” and spent more time in nature and with hiking. We started our Australia roadtrip after two months in Tasmania. Then we drove with our campervan “Mitsy” in a circle (East, Central, South) on the Australian continent. We mostly followed the numerous national parks where we hiked a lot and were able to discover the great diversity of Australia’s nature and landscape. The last two months we spent in Hobart, Tasmania, where we enjoyed a travel break and devoted our time to preparations for the Te Araroa.

In New Zealand (5 months) we did something completely different and hiked during 4.5 months on the 3’000km long-distance hike Te Araroa. Our through travelling discovered passion for hiking should be put to the test. Here you can find our trail journals to find out more.

If you want to have a look at our exact itineraries, you’ll find them here:

After two years of travelling it was over and we returned to Switzerland. But don’t worry. We won’t settle down and have a dog, kids and all that stuff. Other adventures await us. Sooner or later.


During travelling we were often asked, what “gustofrenzy” means. So, here’s how we came up with this name (from the Oxford English dictionary):

gusto = enjoyment or vigour, a relish or liking in something (from Latin gustus: “taste”)
frenzy = a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behaviour (from Latin phrenesis and Greek phren: “mind”)

Stay tuned

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